What Will Cars Be Like in the Future?

The car has become an integral part of our lives. Industry and technology of mechanical engineering are constantly developing and improving with each year bringing innovative solutions and ideas to the automotive industry. Looking back, you understand that ten years ago you could not have imagined how far the technology could get in such a short period of time. In this article, we would like to tell you about what the cars are going to look like in 2020.

Voice control
Since last year, voice control has been offered by manufacturers of famous brands of cars such as Ford and particularly ford fusion model, for instance, as a convenience feature. With its help, a driver has the ability to answer calls, set the navigation, and adjust the operation of the air conditioner without taking his eyes off the road, and without having to take off his hands off the steering wheel.

Wi-Fi is gradually becoming an element of ensuring the safety of motorists on the roads. This year in Europe, a special standard was introduced, which, in the future, will allow to create a system for the exchange of information on maneuvers between drivers on roads.

New headlight system
The Xenon headlights have already been used for more than 20 years now, and they have become hopelessly outdated. Xenon headlights are less economical compared to LED headlights, and are also less convenient than matrix LED lights, which are able to selectively illuminate the desired section of the road.

All cars in the future will be equipped with an energy saving system that will turn off the engine in traffic jams and at the traffic lights. Today, an increasing number of cars are starting to use braking energy called recuperation that allows you to power the air conditioners, the stereo and the like. This allows to reduce fuel consumption by ten percent. According to the International Energy Agency, by 2020, electric cars will have become extremely popular all over the world.

Self-driving cars
Many cars now are able to automatically turn the wheel when parking, and the only thing a driver needs to do is to change gears and press gas or brake. In a few years from now, the self-driving technology will be developed even further. Audi plans to teach their cars to park and exit the parking lot on their own by having a driver press a button on the key fob. In the future, there will be cars, which will be truly self-driving eliminating the need to pay attention to the road at all.

Safety cameras
Instead of regular mirrors having no additional features, future cars are going to be equipped with side mirrors having some built-in cameras. The footage from these cameras will be projected to the dashboard screen or other screens inside the car, which will enable a driver to park with no problem. Such systems are already present in some luxury cars but in the future, they will become ubiquitous. For instance, you can find toyota corolla on kijiji.ca equipped with a Bird’s Eye View Camera System making backing out of the parking lot much easier.