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Ways of Extracting the DNA Molecule

The most important component in the human’s blood is the DNA molecule and is the first thing looked into incase of any problem. Each DNA is always different from any other and no at one point can they become similar since they can only be manufactured during the fusion of the reproductive cells from the parents. DNA has its own features and even for the sibling children, theirs can never be the same even if they are from the same parents since they are formed differently. DNA extraction involves separation of the DNA molecule from the proteins, membranes and the other cellular materials in the cell. Experts are the only ones doing the exercise since it is technical and many factors have to be considered for the correct desired results to be made.

All the tools used in the extraction have to be purely clean and even when doing the extraction to avoid minor mistakes that might cost the whole activity. There are a variety of the extraction methods and will always depend with the equipment available and the preferred one by the individuals, if not in a hurry it can be done overnight through incubation method and the simplest one is the protocol which can take a few minutes while there is a newly established one that involves the use reagents. Despite every one having a right to choose on what to do, there are circumstances that forces imposition of certain methods and the whole activity to be do and failing to follow that can lead to other problems.

Identification of the DNA molecule has been made important by the many factors that are available in the molecules and can be identified with them. DNA molecules are negatively charged and it becomes easy when testing of the charges is done since any negative molecule is automatically the one. The DNA molecule is made up of the many chromosomes that are coiled and this makes up the structure of them and since they are negatively charged and the proteins are usually positively charged which makes them attract to each other.

The steps in the DNA extraction are three and have to be followed systematically to acquire the exact results. The cells have to be broken open first for all the components in it to disintegrate and get separated to enable one have a starting point. It is a bit difficult for the whole membrane to be dealt with if it is in its initial state because the components have to be extracted. To open up the cell membrane, one can use heat to increase the fluidity state or some specified detergents that softens it making the operation easy.

Then by using the DNA features, one can separate it from the other many components in the cell. Due to the fact that some features might be similar for some of the different molecules, a lot of carefulness has to be considered. After the molecules have been extracted, they have to be isolated for use.

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